Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video Variety

Here are a few short movies, I thought you may enjoy.

For my 30th Birthday (seems like yesterday), Dave surprised me with a SkyDiving excursion.  Now all I have left to do before I die is... Swim with the Dolphins, have a child and become FAMOUS by receiving an Oscar for my documentary film, titled "The Formative Years - Do they affect you as an adult?".

Anyway, enough about me...check out the video:

This movie definitely will not be giving me the fame, I so deserve, but it was a chance to experience the life of a movie star for one day. Check out this short trailer (edited by Dave) of me and Dave in Cloud9: 

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was very busy volunteering for Cinequest last week, but I did meet so many new and interesting people.  One group of volunteers was video taping people walking by the San Jose Repertory Theatre and pointing to things to get people's reaction as they walked by.  It was quite funny and harmless, and I could tell one girl in particular has a star quality about her.  So, I asked for her YouTube username and noticed she has a new post with my YouTube username in it....check it out and feel free to subscribe at VRMonkey on YouTube

Which reminds me, I should probably promote my YouTube videos, as well.  You can see my movies on the right hand-side of this page or Subscribe to my videos at    

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